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Throughout history and since the beginning of our time on Earth, Gemologists have researched worldwide and we have come to know that Vietnam is one of the leading countries for Ruby and Spinel stones of the highest quality. Vietnam is a country with a wealth of natural resources and careful excavations have taken place to ensure preservation of Vietnam's natural beauties through times.

By 1992, Mr Hai opened the first Hai Hoang Gia's retail outlet. As one of the pioneers for the domestic's gem industry, he led the way for foreign gemologists and gem businesses to visit the country and promoted our precious gemstones to the world.
The founder of Hai Hoang Gia, Mr. Hai Ngoc Le, a trusted name in the gem industry, held the nation's culture with further the vision to maintain the Vietnamese heritage while developing the gem artworks industry.
Mr Hai Ngoc Le
Hai Hoang Gia Founder - President
Mrs : Mai Thi Nguyen
Co-founder - Director
Mr Nam Le
HHG VN Director
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